Earthian Live
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Earthian Live

Earthian Live

지구인 라이브 (2019)

Genre: kshow
Aktor: Tidak dikenal
Direktur: Tidak dikenal
Jaringan: Tidak dikenal
Durasi: 60 menit per ep
Klasifikasi: Acara TV
Negara: Korean
Dirilis: 2019
Episode: 50 Ep
The newest talk show invites Youtubers all around the world to Seoul! To discover cultural differences around the globe, the show gets videos from Youtubers from foreign countries. They are also invited to the studio in Seoul or do a teleconference with the panels. The show finds out what is common or different among the countries through the eyes of the YouTubers. It will give a chance for people to understand our neighbors around the globe and establish a bond with each other.
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